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Welcome to the official press kit of Saturn Velvet Club, the audacious vanguards of sonic innovation!  With an amalgamation of experimental intricacies, avant-garde arrangements, and a kaleidoscope of melodies, SVC has emerged as an enigmatic force in the contemporary music realm. Embark upon this compendium of sonic brilliance and unravel the enigma that is SVC.
From far away the Star Cup Alliance heard the word that Earth was cluttered and humanity was bored.  To combat the evil force of EPOB the mind hacker and his hypo-screens, the SVC appeared. They use an ancient and more tangible voice of Rock and Roll to bring people back to the dance.
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Buried In The OceanSVC
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Wish That We Could Live That Time AgainSVC
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2023 : "I"
  1. "Saturn Velvet Club transports you to a mesmerizing sonic universe where gritty synth textures intertwine with infectious rock energy. A perfect marriage of vintage nostalgia and futuristic soundscapes." - Synthwave Magazine

  2. "With their pulsating beats, soaring melodies, and electrifying stage presence, Saturn Velvet Club unleashes an addictive sonic experience that leaves audiences craving more. Prepare to be taken on a cosmic journey through their synth-infused rock revolution." - IndieRockerz

  3. "Saturn Velvet Club's synth rock anthems hit like a meteor shower, leaving trails of electrifying energy in their wake. Their blend of razor-sharp synths, propulsive rhythms, and impassioned vocals creates a sonic cocktail that is both intoxicating and irresistible." - SoundScape Blog

  4. "The sonic alchemists of Saturn Velvet Club effortlessly merge the warmth of vintage synthesizers with the raw power of rock. Their music is a dynamic fusion of infectious hooks, emotive lyrics, and pulsating electronic elements, captivating listeners with a magnetic charm that transcends time." - RetroFusion Magazine

  5. "Saturn Velvet Club is a duo that defies boundaries and redefines the possibilities of synth rock. Their music is an immersive experience, pulling you into a neon-lit dreamscape where analog synths intertwine with blazing guitars, creating a sonic tapestry that is both nostalgic and refreshingly modern." - Sonic Eclectic

The Saturn Velvet Club was sent from a different dimension, named after a popular eye-opening drink in that dimension.   The members are Toxic Sweat and Nishico.  Together, they make synth rock dance nostalgia music, “you could say wewere influenced by Mixed Emotions and Suicide, Midge Ure, Pet Shop Boys, Alan Vega, The Cars, as well as Ancient Greek music.” says Abraxxios, the AI driven third member of the band.  They received special recognition for their music video “Nemestry” in the Oxford Film Festival, and they also won a trophy for “Wish We Could Live That Time Again”.  The band released its first album “I” this year.  The album is a nostalgic look at modern society and its journey working in e-business and internet culture.  In the late summer, it embarks on its “Birthday Party Tour”.  


Over the pandemic, the band developed a touring strategy that is far less negatively impacting on the environment than most bands.  Its aim is to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate plastic waste.  They also have a mannequin as a third member who doesn’t require food at all.  The show is captivating and artsy and original and as they tour, they support local upcoming artists in the LGBTQ community. 

“The heart makes life to the beat of its own drum” -SVC “In every glass of truth is an ice cube of frozen truth” -SVC “Habitation is the receptacle for the living” - SVC 

August 24 "Birthday Party Tour" 


PHONE : ‪(470) 322-6960

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